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Holy smokes Hey guys!!

Sorry for not getting on a lot, i’ve been quite busy with something important and I think I’ll need all of your help :’o

You see i’m going to Akon this year and dropping by to see my very special lady >//v//< I paid off the plane ticket and everything, so all I gotta do is get there and then bam!

But there is a problem, I may need to earn a little extra money for food and such when I go ; v ; so thus, I need your help. I need you all to spread this account around if you know that you or other people love adoptables!

In case you don’t know, Adoptables are characters someone makes and sells them to people that would love to use them :’o  So please give this deviantart account a look over and let everyone know that we are open for commissions and customs! There are even some adopts ready to be adopted right now, so please check us out! Please click here For redirection!

We do anything from gijinkas to ponies to all kinds of animals. For more examples, please see my old adoptables account right here!

All of the adoptables vary in price, from 80 points for ponies and animals to 200 points for humanoids ; v ; Prices can be negotiated tho!

It’s a joint account with me and my babe making adopts and such > v < Any kind of help is much needed!

Again, i’m sorry i’m not on tumblr a lot ;v ; I do have skype though if any of you ever wanna get in contact with me! I’ll reblog some stuff every now and then but feel free to ring me up  o v o

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"United Sanctuary": Devil may cry 5 may not be so far away after all.


We all know that The Wonderful 101 was released on Wii U back in September. What’s next for Hideki Kamiya?

1) I tweeted Kamiya and asked, “Will Devil May Cry 5 be your next project?” He replied, “I’m ready. Ask Capcom.”

2) I then tweeted him, “Hiroyuki Kobayashi should ask you to make Devil…

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Slips in here

"HI guys~!!! What’s new and everything? I missed you all and I hope you’re having a good day!"

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